Do you know that the history of car wash is longer than the history of car? Experiments on auto detailing started in 1800s. With profuse innovations, new products and methods surface on a daily basis. How the car detailing process started should arouse your interest. Look at the major developments that took place in the car detailing industry.

Car Detailing

Developments of 1800s

In a German town, namely Bischofsheim, wax was produced for the first time. The year of production was 1800. The function of the wax was to protect paint that was applied to horse carriage.

In the year 1886, Karl Benz manufactured the world’s first car. The car moved with the power of gasoline. Currently, the automobile company is known as Mercedez Benz. Wilhelm Mayback and Gottlieb Daimler floated the company in 1889.

Research and Development of Polishing Compound

In 1888, Menzerna came up with the concept of polishing compounds. It started to produce various liquid, solid and paste polishing compounds.

Car Detailing Developments in 1900s

In 1901, Frank Meguiar Jr. floated a small furniture polish plant and laboratory in his garage. The company is called Meguiar’s. Currently, it is the one of the leading producers of car detailing products in the world.

George Simons developed carnauba wax product and cleaner in 1910. The company was named as Simons Manufacturing Company. The products were branded as the Simons paste wax and Simons Cleaner.

In 1912, the auto detailing process was termed as simonizing. The company was rechristened as Simoniz.

In 1920, 3M launched a sandpaper for the first time that reduced airborne dust during the vehicle manufacturing process. In 1925, a major development took place in the car detailing industry. 3M introduced masking tape to the auto detailing industry. The masking tape helped the painters to get a razor sharp line on two tone paint assignments.

Ben Hirsch invented the first bottled car wax in 1944. It was branded as Plastone. Due to its hard shell finish, the liquid auto polish was rechristened as Turtle Wax.

DuPont launched the world’s first polymer sealant in 1969. By 1970’s, car detailers in Europe and Japan used metallic based paints that featured clear coat. The clear coat feature resulted in long lasting color, gloss and outstanding hardness. The use of this kind of paint swept across the US as well.

During 1970s, Cyclo U.S.A. designed the unique twin head orbital action polisher for the aircraft industry. The polisher also became useful in the car detailing industry.

The detailing clay which was used in Japan during 1980s was launched in the US in 1990. 1990s saw the introduction of oven dried, water based two stage paint system. This process improved the clear coat system.

During 1990’s, Sweden witnessed the usage of microfibers. Detailing products made of microfibers gradually became popular in the entire Europe.

Car Detailing Developments in 2000s

PPG Industries introduced CeramiClear in 2000. It is a binary clear coat composition which prevents paint from degradation due to UV radiation, salt, acid rain, etc. The car paint industry made progress with the introduction of clear coat sealants in 2007.

This is the brief history of auto detailing. With these innovations, a reputed car detailing service in creates the best results.