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    Customized Auto Detailing for All Vehicle Types

    Automobile Cleaning Packages for Every Budget
    Packages to Fit Every Budget, We offer the best service in GTA for an affordable rate. We are a Professional vehicle detailing company who pays great attention to the upkeep of your car interior and exterior cleaning. Thankfully, we can provide custom quotes for a wide variety of standalone (or combination) washing, waxing, and interior car cleaning services.

    Have your personal or business vehicle detailed when you want, where you want. Thanks to our 7-day service schedule. At PARADISE Auto Detailing, we can schedule mobile interior and exterior cleaning of any car in The Greater Toronto Area from early in the morning to midnight. All you need to do is call us today to book a detailing appointment around whenever is most convenient for you.

    We offer fully mobile car detailing service in Toronto-North York and surronding area

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    Small Cars

    We give small cars a big impact with our affordably priced small car packages. Small cars can have an interior cleaning in as little as 1 hour or a like-new interior and exterior detailing in just three hours.


    We service both small and large SUVs. SUV owners can expect to have their vehicles cleaned in as little as an hour and 15 minutes or up to three hours and 45 minutes for large SUVs with our most extensive interior/exterior combination package.


    Minivans often see some of the most stains, spills and mileage as they transport you and your family everywhere you need to go. No matter how much wear and tear your minivan has, Car Detailing can get it looking like new. Both pet hair removal and odor removal are popular choices for minivan owners as they can make an all day driving schedule much more comfortable.

    Pickup Trucks

    Even rugged pickup trucks benefit from TLC. Pickup trucks are often used for hauling heavy cargo and traveling on rough roads. Expert detailing for your truck’s engine and tires can go a long way to extending the life of your truck.

    Fully Mobile Car Detailing

    Paradise Auto Detailing and Mobile Car Detailing is your number one choice for all your cleaning needs, just make the phone call and we’ll handle the rest for you. You don’t need to worry about traffic or spending on gas, just stay home and spend your time with your family and we’ll send you a professional team of detailer to your home or office to clean and shine your car while you take a rest inside your home.

    Trust Paradise Auto to clean your car, truck, or recreational vehicle using naturally anti-bacterial interior steam cleaning. By using OPTIMA steamer and green products on your car interior, we can restore your car or truck cabin to a perfect level of cleanliness, without using any of potentially health and environmentally adverse chemical cleaning products.


    Auto Detailing Around Your Schedule

    At work all day? Stuck at home? No matter where you are, we can come to you. With our extended hours, we can often have your car cleaned and ready for the day before you head off to work.

    Eco-Friendly Auto Detailing

    Paradise Auto Detailing takes pride in doing our part to minimize the environmental impact of our services. We use water saving techniques and minimal chemicals to treat your vehicle. This is not only good for our environment but better for your health.

    Affordable Pricing

    We offer car detailing packages at a variety of price points to suit your budget and schedule. Our expert team can also help guide you on what services will be best for your car so you never pay for something you do not need.

    Fully Mobile Car Detailing

    100% Mobile Toronto Car Detailing
    At PARADISE AUTO SPA, we offer fully mobile car detailing all across Toronto. Are you a car dealer or fleet company? we can be on-site with you whenever and wherever you need us to be. This is because our fully mobile car and truck detailing unit is equipped with everything we need to professionally clean your car, regardless of your location.


    Steam Cleaning Car Sanitation

    Auto Detailing for Allergens

    For those with allergies, your car’s interior can present a trigger for watery eyes, running nose, itchy skin and any number of symptoms associated with allergies. Since your car has fabric inside and also brings outside air in through vents, both indoor and outdoor allergies may be present. With our interior shampooing, we can greatly reduce the presence of these allergens.

    Deep Cleaning for Pet Hair

    Pet hair is one of the most common allergens that people suffer from. A single car ride with man’s best friend can leave your car’s interior absolutely covered in the pet dander that aggravates many people’s symptoms. Our pet hair removal makes your car look nicer and the air easier to breathe.

    Auto Detailing for Allergens

    While every driver should be concerned with vehicle cleanliness, those who drive for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, must take extra precautions. Keeping your car clean is essential for your health, the health of your loved ones and the passengers who ride with you.

    Auto Detailing service

    Toronto Car detailing service is a great option and is an essential part of keeping your car safe, clean and fun to drive. At Car Detailing we offer affordable packages for all vehicle types including cars ranging from compact models to large SUVs, trucks and minivans.Toronto Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating by PARADISE CAR DETAILING, number one 5 Star Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating Company with over 8 years experience and thousands of happy clients. Professional auto detailing services we provide are based on your automotive needs and preference. We run a First Class auto detailing and ceramic car coating studio to achieve quality car detailing work for clients demanding perfection, appreciation and respect for their vehicle.

    With expert auto detailing, your vehicle will retain more trade-in value and provide a better, healthier driving experience. We take care of all those small details that can make a big difference. From professional odor removal and pet hair cleanup to engine detailing and showroom ready exterior polish. To book your 100% mobile car detailing 

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    Steam Auto Detailing Eliminating Auto Detailing

    Steam is the new technology that is used to achieve the best result. Takeout meals, cigarette smoke, pets; all of these things and more can give our vehicles that not so fresh smell. Not only is this odor unpleasant, it may also be attaching itself to your clothing and hair. Worse yet is the fact that many of us get used to the odors in our vehicles to the point that we do not notice them any longer but others definitely still do.We offer the best service in GTA for an affordable rate. We are a Professional vehicle detailing company who pays great attention to the upkeep of your car interior and exterior cleaning. Thankfully, we can provide custom quotes for a wide variety of standalone (or combination) washing, waxing, and interior car cleaning services.

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