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    Small SUV Detailing

    Our small SUV and small car detailing packages deodorize your vehicle’s interior, buff away minor scratches and let you get that new car feel without the new car price tag! Small cars and SUVs are among the most popular vehicle types on the road today. Car Detailing has created package deals especially for these versatile vehicles.

    Combination Interior and Exterior Detailing

    We offer two different packages that include both interior and exterior detailing. Our most inclusive package makes your vehicle look like a New Car. This bumper to bumper detailing package includes everything from both our interior shampoo package and exterior scratch removal package plus more.

    When to Choose Our New Car Package

    When wouldn’t you want a like-new car finish? While we love the idea of a constantly refreshed vehicle, we know this is not always possible.. To benefit the most from this package, we recommend having it done once a year. It is also a great service for when you are selling your car. A new polish can significantly increase your chances of getting your asking price.

    Showroom Ready Small Car Detailing

    Our showroom ready detailing package is a condensed version of our like-new car package. This package is great for newer cars that need to be brightened up without the extensive detailing on the engine or headlights like the new car package provides. The showroom package includes everything your car needs to look as shiny and polished as a showroom vehicle. Choose this package before a big event, selling your car or when you just want to ride in style.

    Packages for Interior and Exterior Detailing

    What the interior package includes

    With the interior package, we dust vacuum, shampoo and steam clean both upholstery and hardware. We also have special leather cleaning and conditioning at no extra charge. Each surface of your car is expertly treated to to be clean and fresh looking. This includes a trunk shampoo and cleaning!

    Exterior Package for Minor Scratch Treatmen

    If your car has one or more minor scratches or swirl marks, our exterior package can give your vehicle a new lease on life. This package includes hand waxing, exterior window cleaning, tire detailing, polish, engine detailing and more!

    Interior Small Car Detailing

    Remove stains, odors and harmful bacteria with our Interior Shampoo Package. Our expert technicians use proven practices and products to get to even the hardest to reach places of your car’s interior.

    Customizing Options

    Many additional services are included in our extensive New Car package but they can also be added to other deals. These include services like our headlight restoration, engine detailing, and restoration of all exterior plastic surfaces.

    Add on Services

    Customize your small car detailing with our add-on services that can be combined with any of our other packages. These include


    We use ozone generation to lift away unpleasant odors from your car without harsh chemicals or strong perfumes. We will customize our ozone treatment based on the strength of odor in your vehicle

    Tire Change

    Remove stains, odors and harmful bacteria with our Interior Shampoo Package. Our expert technicians use proven practices and products to get to even the hardest to reach places of your car’s interior.

    Pet Hair Removal

    Remove unsightly hair and allergens with our effective pet hair removal. Our techniques will leave your vehicle looking new and hair free in minutes.

    Right Sized Pricing for Small Car Detailing

    At Car Detailing, we offer simplified pricing based on the size of your vehicle. Small cars, small SUVs and sedans have dedicated package deals to service your car best. All of our interior and exterior detailing services are backed with a satisfaction guarantee and transparent pricing. When you choose Car Detailing, you can rely on:

    • Transparent pricing
    • Competitive deals 
    • High quality products
    • Eco-friendly car detailing
    • Expert technicians 
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Our satisfaction guarantee!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Small SUV and Small Car Detailing

    As carmakers become more conscious of the increased public concern for reducing environmental impact, smaller SUVs are becoming more popular. These vehicles combine the comfort of a passenger vehicle with versatile off-roading features while taking up less space and using less gas. 

    Small or compact SUVs are not always clearly defined. However, for small SUV detailing pricing, they can typically be defined as an SUV without third row seating. Some exceptions may apply. 

    Examples include: Mazda CX-3,  Suzuki Swift 4×4 and Hyundai Kona.

    Mini SUVs are a unique class of vehicle and the smallest SUV available. In Japan, where this type of vehicle is popular, the definition of mini SUV is 133.9 inches or less. This is a good guideline to go by, but for the most accurate pricing we welcome you to contact us directly. We can typically give you a price based on the model of vehicle and other key information. 


    Mini SUV Examples Include: Mini Cooper and 2020 Subaru Crosstrek.

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