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    It doesn’t matter whether your car is new or old, if you want to protect the paint from chipping, or generally just wearing off or you want to prevent your car from getting its paint ruined after getting stained due to things like tar, scuff or tree sap, then you most definitely need to stop and consider Ceramic Coating Toronto.

    What is Ceramic Pro?

    Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating applied by the experts at Ceramic Pro Toronto. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, rigid, flexible glass shield. It can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties.
    Quickly becoming one of the industry’s top protective coating products, we are proud to offer Ceramic Pro clients from all over the Greater Toronto Area. Our Ceramic Pro Toronto package options are competitively priced to supply you with just the level of protection you desire, without breaking the bank. Ceramic Pro is fully-warrantied and is the only ceramic coating product to be recognized by CarProof.

    Ceramic Pro products are revolutionizing the car coating industry and we proud to offer them to our valued clients. While other companies offer waxes or sealants to protect car surfaces that will eventually wear away, ceramic car coating nanotechnology offers a permanent paint coat protection for paint, alloy wheels, rubber, glass, and leather, and is applicable to all surfaces in the car industry.




    Ceramic Pro Treatment

    • Nano ceramic coating enhanced looks with unbeatable glossiness

    • Increased comfort knowing your paint is safe

    • Car paint protection that substantially increases resale value

    • Nano coating block UV rays, protecting interior and exterior

    • Ceramic paint coating that requires less maintenance

    • Auto ceramic coating with one-time professional application

    • Paint coat that helps reduced air conditioning costs


    How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost?

    Ceramic Coating Cost Starting at $600 for prep and installation.

    Why Is Ceramic Coating so Expensive?

    Ceramic Coating is more expensive compared to its alternatives because It requires high-quality products and uses advanced technology.

    How Long Does a Ceramic Coating Last?

    Most layers of ceramic coating will last 2 – 5 years if properly maintained, some professional ceramic coatings may last longer.

    Can I apply ceramic coating myself?

    Yes, it’s possible but not recommended, for best results possible and for the material to last longer, it’s best to trust a professional with the job.

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